Neil Planick's Bio and Racing Background

I raced HO, 1/32 and 1/24 scale as a boy. My father and I would go racing every weekend. There were numerous raceways open then (remember the good ol' days?) in the suburban New York area. I began racing again about 5 years ago after relocating to the Dallas, Texas area.
Our racing group's name is "T.H.O.R" which stands for "Texas H.O. Racers". We race at Norm's RC/Hobbies, 1104 East Beltline Road, Suite #104, Carrollton, Texas (Phone: 972-245-2889).
Norm's has three, 4-lane tracks. They are 4-ft. to 5-ft. wide x 16-ft. long. There's a NASCAR tri-oval, a twisty and tough road course, and a brand-new, extremely smooth and fast MaxTrax road course. All are battery powered and computer controlled with LaneMaster. Norm's stocks a wide assortment of HO cars, parts, and accessories, in addition to RC cars and boats, rockets, plastic models, and all related accessories.
We primarily race T-Jets and AFX and have written and published an original, comprehensive rulebook for these cars. We do race modern cars (Tyco, Lifelike, Super G-plus, Patriot) at least one or two nights every month, with rules that are based on HOPRA/UFHORA rules.
We have designated Race Directors and Technical Directors. The Race Directors run the races and set the schedule, and the Technical Directors inspect and tech the cars. To save time, we let the computer "auto-qualify" the racers. We race round-robin style, 3 or 4 minute heats, with European rotation. Sitting-out racers are corner marshals. First through fourth place finishers get ribbons. We race Friday nights, with practice starting at about 7:00 pm. We try to race 2 or 3 races per night. We generally have between 6 and 15 entries per race. The current race schedule and copies of the rule book are available at Norm's.
I serve as a T.H.O.R Race Director and co-authored the rulebook. I'm 39 years old, married, and have a 9-year old daughter (who can whip us old geezers in the Patriot Polymer class). When not building, tuning, racing or collecting slot cars, I am Senior Copy Chief for JCPenney Catalog.
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