HO Gear Setups

Gear ratio is the term used to describe the number of teeth on the motor gear (pinion) divided into the number of teeth on the axle gear (crown). Gear ratio selections can make or break a race. Remember the pinion gear is the driver gear and the crown gear is the driven gear. Pinions range from 6-12 teeth and crown gears can range from 18-26 teeth. Higher gear ratios (lower numerically) theoritically produce more top end speed. For any given pinion, fewer teeth on the crown gear will give higher top end (and it will take longer for the car to get there too!), more roll, less punch (smoother acceleration) and more motor heat. More teeth on the crown gear will provide greater punch and launch (great for you HO drag racers out there). The trick is to match your gear ratio with the motor (and type of car) to the style of track you're running on and in some cases even the individual track lane.
Purchase an assortment of pinions, crowns and bosses to cover each available size smaller than the largest one you can use (usually 25 teeth). By having a wide selection of gears setup on axles, all you have to do is set up the proper tire ride height -then snap in and out your axle and tire setups for your best performance. Make written notes and use them.
Polymer gears and double wall gear bosses (keeps gearsd spaced appropriately and centered in the chassis rear) are more expensive than stockers but they are worth it as they can easily stand up to a full season of racing. Check out your gear spacing and gear mesh carefully. Too loose and you'll blow a tooth...too tight and you'll have mucho friction and heat and possibly have a car which refuses to run altogether. As a starting point, try Tyci 7 tooth pinions and 20-23 tooth polymer crown gears in a Super G. Try 7 tooth Tyco pinion gears and 22-25 tooth crowns in a Super Stock Tyco.
The most successful racers are well organized, take notes and practice often. Go out and get some gears Speed Racer!

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