PhoeniX 500 Race Results

It was Saturday Nov. 11, 2000. The racers began fileing into the raceway at 10:00 am to get their spot on the pit bench. It was looking to be a good race turnout for the 5th annual "PhoeniX 500". Tech was called, and the racers flocked to get there 4.5" Nastrucks inspected. After tech the trucks were lined up to judge for best appearing. The winner was "Randy Convis". After running 2 qualifying races 8 drivers advanced to the "A Main". At the drop of the flag they were flying into the donut on the 143' Kingleman. Lap after lap they roared, by the end of the first heat Eric R. had a 1 lap lead over 2nd place John J. and 2 laps on Jim B.and Randy C. By the end of heat 2 the lead had been narrowed to sections insread of laps. By the end of the third heat the lead had gone to Jim B. with Eric R. second with Randy C.and John J. tied for third. For the rest of the race first and second remained the same with the battle for third and fourth rageing on by heat 6 John J.had a 1 lap lead. That lead was soon disposed of with both tied by the end of heat 7. Heat 8 would determine the outcome for third and fourth. By the end of the heat it was Randy C. edging John J. for third.

1stJim Broadus178
2ndEric R.175
3rdRandy Convis172
4thJohn Johnson171
5thJeremy Elam152
6thGreg Peters132 (motor)
7thJoel Kast125 (wreck)
8thDavid Finster178 (motor)

Again tech was called. This time it was for the 4.5" Nascar's. They were also lined up to be judged for "Best Appearing". This time John Johnson took the honors. After the gualifying races were over 8 cars were lined up to begin the "Main". Again the battle was on with Jim B. taking the lead by the end of the first heatby 1lap over Randy C. and John J. By the end of the 2nd heat both John and Randy had managed to get by Jim to be tied for the lead. By the fifth heat Jim B. had fought his way back to be on the same lap as the leader Randy C. As the rest of the race went on these two racers remained on the same lap heat after heat. By the end of the eigth heat though it was Randy C. over Jim B. by 1 section on the track, with John J. finishing third.

1stRandy Convis187
2ndJim Broadus187
3rdJohn Johnson182
4thEric R.177
5thJeremy Elam154
6thPeggy Crawford153 (gear)
7thL. Peterson150 (motor)
8thJoel Kast135 (accident)

We at PhoeniX Race 'N More would like to thank everyone who showed up for the 5th Annual "PhoeniX 500" We hope to see you again next year at number 6.

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