Ontario Wing Series

(Canada) 2000/2001

Formula 2000 Rules

Spray Glue, No Motor Changing, Minimum Weight

Only Two Magnets, Solid axles, No qualifying


October 21st NASKAR NORTH -reverse

November 11th ONO - Wing Ding Fling

December 9th NASKAR North - Wing Ding Fling

January 6th NASKAR North- reverse

January 27th Checkered Flag, N.Y.

February 17th ONO - Wing Ding Fling

March 10th NASKAR North- reverse

March 31st NASKAR North


Points for - best 6 of 9 races allowing 3 drops.

NASKAR North, 185' Ogilvie Engleman, 1146 Colborne St. E, Branford, Ontario. Track 519-752-8615, HWY 403 exit, Cainesville, Garden Ave., go south, right at second set of lights, right at Crossroads Flee Market, park on right hand side or rear or building. Open Fri. 7-11pm prior to race day, 8:00 race day.

ONO, 135' OgilvieKing, 820 Cabell Rd., London, Ontario, Track 519-432-0484. HWY 401, exit 189, Highbury north, left (west) onto Hamilton Rd., right at Rectory, right at Cabell, ONO is on left side, park in lot at yellow swing gate, entrance on s treet side. Open 8:00 on race day

Checkered Flag Raceway, 155 Ogilvie' King, 861 Brighton Road, Tonawanda N.Y., 716-862-8175, Cross at Lewiston Bridge take I190 south to I290 east, Exit Colvin Blvd, turn right, turn left at Brighton, just before third light, track is on right side, upstairs. Open 8:00 on race day.

Series Host Bill Plant, NASKAR North, 519-756-8495

Series Sponsor PUNNETTS SLOT CAR PARTS, 519-832-6825, punnett@bmts.com

Technical Director Tim Murphy, 519-659-7681, mtmurphy@sprint.ca

Wing Ding Fling - Michigan based series that has agreed to race in conjunction with our series on dates indicated. (Maple City Raceway, Adrian MI and Slot Car Crossing, Holl y MI.) Call us if you need more detail.


Wing car racing has come to the fork in the road. 1900's, the traveled path to glue racing with all its intricacies that is alive and well for all that want to travel it. For the rest there is a new path to foll ow, "Formula 2000". Why the new path you ask, quoting Alpha>>>"For many years now, racers who have demonstrated an insatiable lust for speed have written the slot racing rules. Many of us, who have watched all of this going on feel that the rules, have gone "over the wall". High powered tracks which can destroy $250 motors in seconds, $200 set-ups with 6,8 and more magnets, $20 hollow axles, weak (throw away) aluminum chassis, expert drivers ra cing in every class, and the need for lots and lots of motors exemplify what is wrong with modern Wing Car Racing. Mostly because of these things, I think the number of racers has dwindled. I believe the time has come to make some drastic changes in the w ay races are run. FORMULA 2000 rules address these things and provides close, exciting, affordable racing. And it puts wing car racing within the reach of many who have considered it too expensive, and time consuming".

Features of FORMULA 2000:

(Based on info provided by Alpha & Wing Ding Fling)

Spray Glue racing allows for shorter race duration and more racing in a day. Motor and equipment ware & tare is minimal, tire availability is better.

Full-scale racing is one motor racing. One motor makes racing interesting and unpredictable and drastically reduces cost. If the motor breaks, the car drops out of competition. Making the motor strong enough to run till the end is one of the essential challenges of motor racing.

All forms of racing have minimum weights for the vehicles. This is to contain costs and to stabilize the rules so that equipment is not obsolete as soon as it is purchased. FORMULA 2000 weight limits have been chosen to allow most existing equipment to run with little or no modification. Specifically to allow steel chassis to be competitive on all tracks.

Two magnet motors and solid steel axles are common sense. This will reduce costs and make the cars more durable.

Qualifying is not required for series racing. This will allow for more racing in a day and removes the need for costly equipment.

The above limits will make each class competitive. The racer's budget and affiliation will not determine the racer's success. Success will be based on skill, attention to detail and time spent on preparation and development of the equipment.

FORMULA 2000 rules allow progression of the drivers when the racer desires. If racers want to go faster they can use the same basic equipment for another class with minimal cost for upgrades.

FORMULA 2000 will encourage friendly competition and sharing of knowledge to better racing over all.


Box Stock (BS): USRA Boxstock rules, 72 gm minimum, .062" clearance

Box Stock Unlimited (BSU): USRA Boxstock rules, no minimum weight, .500" arm dia, .062" clearance.

Cobalt 12 (C12): USRA Cobalt 12 rules, 52 gm minimum.

Open restricted (OR): USRA open rules, 52 gm minimum.

Spray Glue

No motor changes, only one motor per race (maximum two motors, one for semi, one for main)

Single magnets only (two magnets per motor)

Solid axles only (no hollow, filled or light weight)

No timed qualifying. Every one runs in semi, 1st & 2nd from semi's move up to main, the remainder of the main position's move up by high total laps. If total racers for class are low semis may be by-passed.

60% payback to top 3 positions of each class.

(50% for each race day, 10% to end of series)

Trophies & box plaques to series Champs

Entrance fees

BS - $10.00

BSU - $15.00

C12 $15.00

OS - $20.00