Advertising on SlotSide

Do you have a slotcar related business and want to get online but you don't know what online is? Do you think you want to have your own home page but it's impossible because your not a computer nerd and don't want to pay mega bucks to a sleezeball in a suit?'ve come to the right place.

Here's what you get:

  • All HTML programming including meta-tags for search engine identification.
  • Web page layout and color coordinated scheme consistent with your existing print marketing literature.
  • Choice and style of custom bordered or tiled background.
  • Digital conversion of your corporate logo.
  • Complete text document scanning.
  • Accessory graphics including bars, buttons, accents, etc.
  • As many scanned photos as you desire, including image editing, download optimization, color balancing, and thumbnails.
  • Corny background theme music (if you desire).
  • Unlimited hyperlinks both within the site and out to the Internet
  • Registration in the Slot Car Racing Web Ring.
  • Framed/non-framed pages available.
  • JavaScript, CGI-BIN programming, Java applets, relational database engines, interactive forms, online shopping or anything else you can think of!
  • Pre-publication site review at
  • Web site published to your domain (site ID required).
Wow! All that's gotta be worth more that my mother! WRONG! You get all that for FREE. All you have to do is buy an ad on SlotSide at $10 per month. A bold color ad on SlotSide will linked to your web site making it available to all of SlotSide's visitors. If you don't like the service, the webpage is yours to do with what you please. All you are paying for is the ad and we do everything else. Provide us with the information and sit back!

Check out our current satisfied client list:

Not one of our pages looks alike!

Still need to be convinced?

  • Exposure to thousands of slotcar racers hungry for your products.
  • Rifle, not shotgun targeted marketing.
  • Pull, not push, your product(s), with customers worldwide asking for them by name.
  • Very inexpensive - only $10 per month!
How could you go wrong?

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